Stock exchange event of the year – ENERGA SA makes its debut at the Warsaw Stock Exchange

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ENERGA S.A. carried out the biggest public offering at the Warsaw Stock Exchange in 2 years with the value of PLN 2.4 billion. The IPO was a success and the Final Total Number of Offered and Stabilization Shares amounted to 141,522,067 (series AA shares). The average reduction in both retail investor tranches was the same and amounted to 55.9 percent.

Press release in the matter of depositing ENERGA SA’s shares

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In connection with discharging the function of the sponsor of the issue of ENERGA SA’s shares not covered by the public offering, Pekao SA Central Brokerage House (CDM Pekao SA) has opened an Issue Sponsor Register. Starting from 9 December 2013, confirmations of purchase of ENERGA SA’s shares are available in any CDM Pekao SA Customer Service Outlet. ...

Outages caused by Hurricane Xavier did not cause major damage to ENERGA Operator’s assets

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ENERGA Operator is completing the process of renewing service following the mass outages caused by the hurricane and blizzards in the company’s operational area (1/4 of Poland’s landmass). According to initial estimates, although the outages were widespread they did not cause any major damage to the company’s assets. ...

Pekao SA Central Brokerage House discharging the function of ENERGA SA’s share issue sponsor

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Dear Sirs, In connection with discharging the function of ENERGA's share issue sponsor by the Pekao SA Central Brokerage House (CDM Pekao), please find below key information on depositing ENERGA's shares. ...

Closure of ENERGA SA shares subscription for the Qualified Retail Investors

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