Shareholding Structure

ENERGA SA share capital structure

At present, the Company's share capital ammounts to PLN 4,521,618.88 and is divided into 414,067,114 registered shares with a par value of PLN 10.92 each (say: ten zloty and ninety two groszy), consisting of:

  1. 269,139,114 series AA common shares numbered from No. AA 00000001 to No. AA 269139114 
  2. 144,928,000 series BB preference shares numbered from No. BB 00000001 to No. BB 144928000, one preference share entitle to 2 (say: two) votes at the General Meeting.

ENERGA SA shareholder and the General Meeting voting structure 

1. Shareholder structure of ENERGA SA 

The shareholder structure of ENERGA SA is as follows:

  • Polish State Treasury – 51.52 % of share capital,
  • Remaining Shareholders – 48.48 % of share capital.

2. ENERGA SA General Meeting voting structure is as follows:

  • Polish State Treasury*- 64.09votes at the General Meeting,
  • Remaining Shareholders - 35.91votes on the General Meeting.

*The Polish State Treasury posesses 144,928,000 seriese BB preference shares, each entitling to 2 (say: two) votes at the General Meeting

                                  Share capital structure

 struktura en.png

Information on Shares and Shareholders

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