Appointment of the Supervisory Board of Energa SA Member

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Title: Appointment of the Supervisory Board of Energa SA Member
Date: 2022.19.04
Report no.:  Current Report No. 15/2022

Current Report No. 15/2022

Date: 19 April 2022

Subject: Appointment of the Supervisory Board of Energa SA Member

Legal basis: Art. 56 section 1 point 2 of the Act on Offerings - current and periodic information

The Management Board of Energa SA ("Company_quot;) informs that on 19 April 2022 the majority shareholder of the Company, PKN ORLEN S.A. ("PKN ORLEN"), submitted a statement informing that - pursuant to Article 385 § 2 of the Polish Code of Commercial Companies and § 17 section 3 of the Company's Articles of Association - as of 20 April 2022 it appointed Mr. Daniel Obajtek to the Company's Supervisory Board of the 6th joint term of office.

Mr. Daniel Obajtek will perform a function in the Company's Supervisory Board without remuneration.

Below the Company presents information about the appointed Member of the Supervisory Board of the Company.

Mr. Daniel Obajtek - Member of the Supervisory Board of Energa SA

Mr. Daniel Obajtek has served as President of the Management Board and Chief Executive Officer of PKN ORLEN since February 6th 2018. From 2017 to February 2018, he was President of the Management Board of the Energa Group. In 2017, the company's net profit soared fivefold, and the company was named Company of the Year within the WIG20 blue-chip index, while its stock price jumped 38%. In 2016-2017, heading the Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture, Daniel Obajtek streamlined the processes related to disbursement of billions of złotys worth of EU and national funds and optimised the cost of the Agency's operations.

As President of the Management Board of PKN ORLEN, he consistently carries out business activities related to building a multi-energy concern with diversified sources of revenues and profits. The implemented processes of acquisitions and investments are aimed at strengthening the global position of the concern, as well as guaranteeing Poland's energy security.

He led to the capital takeover of the Energa Group and is successfully conducting the merger process with Grupa LOTOS and PGNiG. At the beginning of 2021, both processes entered a key stage - he presented partners for remedies under the merger with Lotos, and obtained approval from the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection for the acquisition of PGNiG. He also started the largest petrochemical investment in Europe - the construction of a new Olefin complex in Płock is estimated at approximately PLN 13.5 billion. He also created the Research and Development Center in Płock, one of the most important investments for the future of the concern, worth approximately PLN 184 million. He also engaged the concern in nuclear technology, which is to contribute to the development and implementation of zero-emission nuclear technologies MMR and SMR in Poland.

Under his leadership, very good results of i.a. petrochemicals, energy and refineries segments in 2021 enabled the ORLEN Group to achieve a net profit of PLN 11.2 billion, a result that has not been achieved by any Polish company before.

Only in 2021, i.e. at a time dominated by the pandemic, he implemented development investments in the ORLEN Group worth PLN 10 billion. He also led to the launch of new sources of financing: green Eurobonds and sustainable bonds.

Thanks to his business decisions, the ORLEN Group is actively developing the project of offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea, and acquisitions of onshore wind farms are also carried out in order to expand the portfolio of renewable energy sources.

Mr. Daniel Obajtek has completed the Executive MBA programme run by the Gdańsk Foundation for Management Development and validated by IAE Aix-Marseille Graduate School of Management. He is a member of the Programme Council of the Economic Forum in Krynica and chairman of the Board of the Polish Olympic Committee.

Mr. Daniel Obajtek is not engaged in any form of business activity competitive to Energa SA, does not participate in a competitive company or partnership, as a partner of a civil law partnership, a partnership or as a member of a company body and does not participate in any other competitive legal person as a member of its body as well as he is not listed in the Register of Insolvent Debtors maintained under the National Register Court Act.

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