Energa Leads in Network Reliability

Energa Operator can pride itself on the leading position among distribution system operators in terms of the SAIDI and SAIFI power supply reliability indices. With SAIDI at 126.9 min/customer and SAIFI at 2.02 interruptions/customer in 2019, the company scored the best result in its history.

SAIDI (System Average Interruption Duration Index) and SAIFi (System Average Interruption Frequency Index) are indicative, above all, of the network’s resilience to weather anomalies and of network reliability. Clearly, the Company owes such good performance to a range of power grid improvement activities, notably undergrounding and insulation of overhead MV lines, MV network automation, construction of new MV line connections, building new and retrofitting existing HV/MV stations, replacement of 110/15kV transformers, construction of new MV/LV substations, and shortening of LV circuits. 

A central role was also played by maintenance of areas near the network, notably tree cutting and trimming along and underneath power lines. Another contributing factor was the high level of scheduled work involving no switch-offs for customers. This was made possible by the use of live work technologies (MV and LV networks), deployment of power generators, and the pooling of work carried out during one switch-off.

The weather favoured the power sector, too. In 2019, as in 2018, there were no large-scale extreme weather phenomena.

Scheduled and emergency power cuts can be followed on the Energa Operator outage map


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