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Energa Group Power Plants – FF Delta

February 28, 2020

Energa presents an overview of all renewable energy facilities under its management. Renewable energy sources are part of the Energa Group strategy for the years 2016-2025. Energa is a national leader in this area. In early 2020, renewable energy sources accounted for over 30% of the Company's production mix.

Energa owns 46 hydroelectric stations, 5 wind farms and 2 photovoltaic farms. The total capacity of these power plants is 444 MW. The Company continues to expand its onshore wind farms, implements photovoltaic energy projects, and in the long run is planning to build offshore wind farms. In April 2019, the construction of the 30 MW Przykona Wind Farm was initiated. 


The photovoltaic farm (PV) Delta became operational in the second half of 2014. It is located in Gdańsk at ul. Benzynowa, in the near vicinity of the Bystra Wind Farm.



Technical specifications

The farm comprises 6,292 Q.PRO – G3 260Wp photovoltaic panels grouped together in 286 sets. Each set is composed of 22 photovoltaic modules connected in series with a total output of 5,720 Wp per set. The farm’s total capacity is 1.63 MW. It is estimated that the production meets electricity demand of over 700 households. The photovoltaic farm, its main component parts and systems were designed and built to run for at least 25 years.


The Delta Photovoltaic Farm does not require permanent staff on site. All operations can be performed remotely. The staff are expected to intervene in the case of remotely triggered alerts and to carry out scheduled maintenance. The plant is 100% environmentally friendly. It does not create air pollution, waste or noise.