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Energa Group RES power plants – Bielkowo Hydroelectric Power Plant

February 21, 2020

Energa presents an overview of all renewable energy facilities under its management. Renewable energy sources are part of the Energa Group strategy for 2016-2025. Energa is a national leader in this field. At the beginning of 2020, more than 30% of the Company's production mix came from renewable sources.

Energa owns 46 hydroelectric power plants, five wind farms and two solar farms. The total capacity of these power plants is 444 MW. The Company continues to expand its onshore wind farms, invests in solar energy projects, and, as a long-term project, plans to build offshore wind farms. In April 2019, work began on the construction of the 30 MW Przykona Wind Farm.



Bielkowo Hydroelectric Power Plant was commission in 1925 ad the fourth power plant on the Radunia River. At the end of WW II, the power plant in Bielkowo suffered significant damage, in particular to the generation equipment, which was dismantled and taken away by retreating German troops. Crucial elements of the machinery were hidden in the surrounding villages, which enabled their quick finding and recommencement of the power plant operation as early as in November 1945.

Bielkowo Power Plant is the second power station of the Radunia River diversion scheme. It is a diversion storage power plant with two water reservoirs levelled every 12h. The reservoirs are interconnected by an artificial diversion channel crossing the river bend in order to use its natural difference of level. There are three identical hydroelectric generating sets propelled by two double-flow Francis turbines with horizontal shaft arrangement and flow rate of Q = 7 m3/s. They are coupled directly with synchronous generators with the output of 2.4 MW each. The hydroelectric generating sets work with head H = 44 m, at maximum flow rate of 21 m3/s and multi-annual average flow rate of 5.28 m3/s. The catchment area is 644 sq km. The power plant is operated mainly in the peak operation mode to offset the increased load in the local grid in the morning and in the evening.

With installed capacity reaching nearly 7.2 MW, Bielkowo Power Plant is the largest of the small plants owned by ENERGA OZE. The power plant is fully environmentally friendly. The hydroelectric power plants on the Radunia River are an important element of the electricity generation chain of Energa Group. They are constantly modernized and renovated, thanks to which their energy efficiency is kept at a very high level.

  • number of turbines: 3
  • type: Twin Francis turbine in a spiral casing
  • manufacturer: Voith
  • rpm: 500
  • design configuration: horizontal
  • type: synchronous
  • manufacturer: Siemens- Schuckert
  • power generator voltage: 6.3 kV
  • excitation voltage: 0.11 kV

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We are one of Poland’s four largest energy companies and one of the three largest electricity suppliers in Poland. Our core activities include the generation and distribution of and trading in electricity and heat, as well as gas trading.

Energa Group is the third largest integrated distribution system operator (DSO) in Poland in terms of the volume of energy supplied. Its distribution network consists of power lines with a total length of more that 188,000 km and a coverage of approximately 75,000 sq km, close to 24 percent of the country’s total area.

In 2019, the total installed electric power of the Group’s power plants amounted to 1.35 GW, 38 percent of which (0.5 GW) accounted for renewable energy sources (RES).