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Energa Group RES power plants – Karcino Wind Farm

February 14, 2020

Energa presents an overview of all renewable energy facilities under its management. Renewable energy sources are part of the Energa Group strategy for 2016-2025. Energa is a national leader in this field. At the beginning of 2020, more than 30% of the Company's production mix came from renewable sources.

Energa owns 46 hydroelectric power plants, five wind farms and two solar farms. The total capacity of these power plants is 444 MW. The Company continues to expand its onshore wind farms, invests in solar energy projects, and, as a long-term project, plans to build offshore wind farms. In April 2019, work began on the construction of the 30 MW Przykona Wind Farm.




The Karcino wind farm is located in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, in the Kołobrzeg poviat, between the towns of Karcino and Sarbia.  The construction of the road, cable and energy infrastructure began in 2007, and the installation of wind turbines started in 2009. The facility was commissioned in 2010. The entire investment was completed within 15 months.

17 Vestas V90-3 turbines, with a total capacity of 51 MW, were installed on a 6 km2 plot. The impeller, with a diameter of 90 m, is mounted 105 m above ground. At this height, the average wind speed is 7 m/s. The minimum wind speed required to set the rotor in motion is 4 m/s. The optimum speed, at which the wind farm achieves its full capacity, is 15 m/s. Operation is suspended at wind speeds above 25 m/s for safety reasons.

The impeller weighs 38 tons, the nacelle – 66 tons, and the tower – 275 tons. The output of the generators is regulated by OptiSpeed and by a rotor blade pitch adjustment system, with three independent hydraulic cylinders.

In harmony with nature

The Karcino wind farm generates 120 GWh of power per year, supplying 60,000 households. The power is transmitted via underground 30 kV cables to a 30/110 kV transformer substation in Karcino, and then to a 110 kV overhead line.

The power plant is environmentally friendly. The investment contributes to the growth of renewable energy sources and the achievement of targets set by the EU and national energy policies. It is estimated that the Karcino power plant will reduce our CO2 emissions by approximately 105,000 tons per year.