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Construction Start for a New Wind Farm

April 17, 2019

Construction works on the new 30 MW Przykona wind farm have started. Energa Invest which was responsible for the end-to-end preparation and implementation of the investment project gave the formal notice to proceed and made the construction site available to the general contractor, PBE ELBUD Gdańsk and the turbine supplier, Vestas Poland. This marks the next stage of the project implementation. The new wind farm of Energa Group is set to be operational next year.

- In its Long-Term Strategic Investment Projects Plan, Energa Group provides for maintaining a strong position in the area of renewable energy generation, says Alicja Barbara Klimiuk, acting CEO of Energa SA. We implement our business goals by investing in RES, taking care of natural environment and energy security. The new 30 MW wind farm in Przykona is yet another step towards our goals. Energa Group extends its generation capacity and strengthens its leading position in terms of RES share in total generation mix.

The Client is Energa Wytwarzanie that will operate the wind farm. The Przykona wind farm will be added to the power stations of the Generation Business Line of the Energa Group.

After the completion (scheduled in Q2 2020) and commissioning, the Przykona Wind Farm will become a part of the production assets of Energa Wytwarzanie, which already has five facilities of this kind with total rated power of 211 MW.


The formal notice to proceed was given on 1 April 2019.

- The Przykona Wind Farm is the third wind farm built by Energa Invest, says Marek Konieczny, CEO of Energa Invest. - The end-to-end design was prepared by Energa Invest which has a full set of construction permits and implements the project with a project supervisor. In February 2019, the company notified the authorities of its intention to commission the start of the construction works. The formal notice to proceed was given on 1 April 2019 and the construction site was made available to the general contractor, PBE ELBUD Gdańsk and the turbine supplier, Vestas Poland.

The installation is located in Przykona commune (Turek poviat) on post-mining land that has been reclaimed after the mining operations of Adamów brown coal mine. It was designed based on the latest technologies available, while maintaining top service security. The project fits into the revitalisation of that area; the post-industrial land will be used for the generation of green energy that will considerably enhance the energy security of the region. All the works are performed with respect for the interests of the local community.

The Przykona Wind Farm will have rated power of more than 30 MW, and its foreseeable annual electricity output will be approximately 75 GWh. Its 9 wind turbines and the necessary accompanying infrastructure (such as MV cable lines, optical fiber cable lines, access roads, maneuvering areas and the transformer station) will be located on a 250 ha plot of reclaimed brown coal mining land. The fact that this particular area is used for an RES investment is an important added value of the project in general. 

FW Karscino_Fot_Energa_2~kadr.jpg

Karścino Wind Farm operated by Energa Wytwarzanie.

- Our company has experience in power engineering construction; we have built, among other things, 23 foundations for the turbines in Karścino Wind Farm which is operated by Energa Wytwarzanie, says Andrzej Mastalerz, CEO of PBE Elbud Gdańsk SA. – Now, the works on the Przykona Wind Farm are at full speed. These works include road works; the pile foundation works will start in May and the works on the foundations for the wind turbines will start in June. The next stage will involve the construction of the cable lines, the distribution substation and the expansion of the transformer/ switching station in Żuki. The wind power plants are to be assembled later this year. We are experienced in that type of works and I am confident that Przykona Wind Farm will supply energy to the grid in Q2 2020, as planned.

The turbines in the wind farm will be mounted on 117-meter high towers, which – combined with the blade of 63 meters – gives the turbine the total height of 180 meters above the ground. The turbines for the power plant will be provided by Vestas Poland.

- We would like to thank Energa Invest for the opportunity to implement the Przykona project, with Vestas V126 turbines of 3.3 - 3.45 MW each. Thanks to the improved technology, optimising the supply chain, and thus the lowest energy cost, it will be possible to implement a project that will increase power generation for our client on a competitive market, says Michał Laskowski, Sales Director at Vestas Poland, Northern & Central Europe.

Given the potential of the location, Energa considers building a photovoltaic power plant and an energy storage system in the same area in future.

We are excited about the investment project implemented by Energa in our area – says Mirosław Broniszewski, the head of the Przykona Commune, member of the “Clean Energy” Turek Energy Cluster. – We are interested in the development of power generation capacities using renewable resources. The Energy Cluster is being created in our poviat. It is the first larger project of that type in our poviat; it is an excellent fit for the mission of the Energy Cluster and the assumptions for the European transformation of post-mining sites which can thus be implemented in practice. Investments in renewable energy sources are all about the ability to combine business goals and the need to protect the environment. We believe that it is the beginning of successful cooperation with Energa to generate power from renewable resources.

Przykona Wind Farm

  • Location: Przykona commune, Turek poviat, Wielkopolska Province
  • Wind farm capacity: around 30 MW
  • Turbine number and type: Vestas V126 turbines – 3.3 MW and 3.45 MW – a total of 9 installed on 117-meter high towers
  • The power will be taken off from the wind farm using an around 11-kilometre long cable line of 30 kV to the transformer/switching station in Żuki
  • Investment project location: post-mining land that has been reclaimed after the mining operations of Adamów brown coal mine ok. 11 km do GPZ Żuki

PBE Elbud Gdańsk SA has 70 years of experience in power engineering and general construction. It is now a member of SHK Holding Capital Group. Construction services in the area of power plant construction and general constructions (civil engineering and industrial construction) form one of the pillars of PBE Elbud Gdańsk SA business.

Vestas has 40 years of experience in the wind power industry. With more than 2 GW of installed capacity in Poland, it is a leader in terms of market share in Poland and around the world. 1.854 MW (856 wind turbines) under maintenance agreements in Poland. The company has more than 24,600 employees, including 350 in Poland (174 specialists dedicated to maintenance works). It maintains more than 42,300 wind turbines (with the total capacity of more than 86 GW). In total, Vestas has installed more than 67,500 wind turbines (which translates into more than 101 GW) in 80 countries.

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Energa Group is one of the four largest groups of energy companies in Poland and the Polish market leader in terms of the share of renewable energy in own production. The Group’s core activities include the distribution and generation of and trading in electricity. The Group supplies and sells electricity to more than 3 million customers, both households and the business sector.

Energa Group is the third largest integrated distribution system operator (DSO) in Poland in terms of the volume of energy supplied. Its distribution grid consists of 185,000 km of power lines and covers almost 75,000 sq. km, i.e. ca. 24% of the total area of Poland.