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Ostrołęka Power Plant with More Capacity

April 23, 2019

Following the modernisation of the turbine in the Ostrołęka Power Plant owned by Energa Group, yet another power unit became more powerful with capacity at 230 MWe. With the completion of the modernisation works, all the power units in the Ostrołęka Power Plant are among the top leaders of domestic 200 MWe class power units. Thanks to the technologies applied, compliance with restrictive environmental requirements is guaranteed.

Energa Elektrownie Ostrołęka modernised turbo generator set no. 1, which resulted in an increase in capacity by 9 MWe. The modernised power unit now has the capacity potential of 230 MWe, and the capacity of the entire Ostrołęka B Power Plant has risen to 690 MWe.

One of the main goals of the modernisation works on the turbine conducted in Ostrołęka B Power Plant was to upgrade all power units in Ostrołęka B Power Plant while bringing them into line with the enhanced standards for emission in respect of dust and nitrogen oxides. The modernisation of the power units in the conventional power plant owned by Energa Group is also to extend the operational lifespan of the three turbines and to ensure that they are operated in a safe and effective manner in the heating mode. As part of the works, the efficiency of the high-pressure and medium-pressure modules was increased as a result of replacing the existing inside components with new ones and applying a modern reaction flow system.

– Thanks to the investment projects, all the power units in Ostrołęka B Power Plant meet the effective environmental requirements with respect to dust and nitrogen oxides emissions, says Leszek Kowalski, CEO of Energa Elektrownie Ostrołęka SA. – Upon completing the second leg of the desulphuring facility in 2020, we will enhance the flexibility of the individual power plant operations in terms of the requirements concerning sulphur oxides. The latest investment projects ensure stable power plant operations not only for the time being but also for the coming years, as the power plant is now ready to provide services related to the capacity market.

The works on the turbo generator set no. 1 were completed by the consortium of GE Power and ZRE Katowice. A new bladed turbine blade carrier was installed in the unit last year; the rotor and the clamp of the high-pressure part were also replaced. Furthermore, stuffing box packing, diaphragm packing and over-shroud sealing works were performed. Steps 10 and 11 of the medium-pressure part were replaced, and the medium-pressure part and auxiliaries were overhauled. The project budget was closed at PLN 28 million, as planned.

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Tests involving a representative of Polskie Sieci Energetyczne (PSE) were performed to prove that the capacity of power unit no. 1 increased. The systems for primary, secondary and tertiary control of power unit no. 1 as part of the Central Automatic Frequency and Power Output Control System were subjected to acceptance measurements as required by the Grid Code. The positive measurement results were the basis for entering into an annex with PSE to the agreement on electricity transmission services, whereby – as of 21 February 2019 – the maximum capacity of power plant no. 1 was increased to 230 MWe and the maximum capacity power of the entire Ostrołęka B Power Plant was increased to 690 MWe.

– With the completion of the modernisation works, the Ostrołęka Power Plant is among the top leaders of domestic 200 MWe class power units, says Piotr Meler, CEO of Energa Wytwarzanie SA. – Thanks to the modernisation, Ostrołęka B Power Plant will generate electricity while maintaining the highest reliability standards. Thanks to the new technologies applied, compliance with restrictive environmental requirements will also be guaranteed.

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Ostrołęka B Power Plant is a strategic power generation asset of Energa Group. The power plant has three power units of 200 MWe class which were commissioned in 1972. The equipment installed in Ostrołęka B Power Plant was manufactured in Poland, and includes, among other things: steam boilers provided by RAFAKO and turbo generation sets manufactured by ZAMECH. Following the upgrading works, the installed capacity in each power unit is 230 MWe. The total installed electricity generation capacity of Ostrołęka B Power Plant which is the only national grid power plant in north-eastern Poland has been increased to 690 MWe. The power units are equipped with heating stations that provide heat production in the form of hot district heating water and process steam for the needs of external off-takers and for own needs.

Energa Wytwarzanie SA, as the leader of the Generation Business Line of Energa Group, coordinates the Group’s activities related to RES energy production, electricity and heat production from conventional sources, including cogeneration, provision of system services, heat transmission and distribution. Water, wind, biomass, solar radiation and fossil fuels (coal) are all used to produce electricity. The companies of the Generation Business Line operate 47 hydroelectric power stations, five wind farms, two photovoltaic farms, one conventional power station, four CHP plants and two heating plants.