All you want to know about the Stock Exchange

Under the patronage of the Civic Shareholding project, on 24 September 2013 TVP1 Polish Television Channel One launched a new programme ‘All you want to know about the Stock Exchange’. The broadcast is a practical guide how to become an investor, how to pick a company and purchase its shares as well as how to mitigate risk. Polish TV undertook an innovative project explaining difficult capital market issues in a straightforward manner and through the use of animation.  

Episode #1: 10:05 PM broadcast on 24 September 2013

Stock Exchange, shares and investing – it is all about investing money. First episode helps understand rules and trading system of the Stock Exchange as well as how to become an investor.

Episode #2: 9:55 PM broadcast on 1 October 2013

Second episode introduces the mysteries of investment choices which shares to purchase and how to make money? ‘Buy cheap sell dear’ as experienced investors say, but how to make this wishful thinking come true. What stock to pick? How to make an investment decision?

Episode #3: 9:55 PM broadcast on 8 October 2013

Share purchase is only the beginning of a long investing journey. Some say ‘No risk no fun’, while others bet it is good to be on the safe side’. Third episode tells the story what investment strategy to pursue in order to reduce risk.


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