ENERGA – the most valuable company in Pomerania

The value of the most precious Pomeranian company is four times the city budget of Gdańsk, as follows from the first report on the role of businesses in the development of the province, drawn up by PKPP Lewiatan.

The “Entrepreneurs in Pomerania Province*” report developed by Lewiatan, a Polish Confederation of Private Employers, is the first report of this kind to be developed in Poland, presenting the main companies and their influence in the region. Energa was rated first in the key categories among the companies with the strongest impact on Pomerania’s economy.

“Pomerania is absolutely one of the most dynamically growing regions of Poland, generating 5.7% of the Polish GDP. This is largely due to the businesses operating within the area. A great example is ENERGA Group, whose value estimated by the market in 2011 at PLN 8.5bn was four times higher than the budget of Gdańsk, making the company the leader among the most valuable companies in Pomerania. By comparison, the value of Lotos, which ranked second, is PLN 3.5bn”, summarised Jeremi Mordasewicz, advisor to the PKPP Lewiatan Management Board. “The strong growth rate of the Company is also reflected in its net profit dynamics, which have reached 303% since 2006”.

The Company ranked highest in terms of employment (11,640 FTEs), investment expenditure (PLN 1.4bn) and net profit (PLN 702.6m).

“We are glad to have such companies as ENERGA operating within our region. Such a renowned and innovative brand not only lends prestige to our province, but also brings tangible benefits which enable us to invest further. The budget receipts from the corporate income tax paid by ENERGA Group companies established within the province are the highest in the region, totalling over PLN 180m,” says Mieczysław Struk, Marshal of Pomerania Province.

In 2012, in turn, ENERGA Group companies established in Pomerania paid approx. PLN 240m in personal and corporate income taxes, of which about PLN 28.5m should be fed into the budget of the province. The budgets of Pomeranian municipalities have received about PLN 50m in total in real property taxes. Last year, ENERGA Group companies spent more than PLN 455m investing in the province. They employ almost 2600 people in Pomerania.


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