ENERGA has acquired Ciepło Kaliskie

ENERGA has become the majority shareholder of Ciepło Kaliskie. Today, the Mayor of Kalisz and the Board of Directors of ENERGA Kogeneracja signed an agreement to purchase the Kalisz-based district heating company.

The deal was the outcome of a tendering procedure for the sale of 90% of the Company’s shares, announced by the Kalisz local authorities last July. The city retained the remaining 10% share.

Ciepło Kaliskie manages the district heating system of the city with a population of more than 100,000. It owns a heat generation source, district heating networks and nodes to distribute heat, as well as local gas-fired boiler plants. The offer of ENERGA Kogeneracja turned out to be more beneficial for the city than the two other offers.

“Among the operators participating in the negotiations, ENERGA Kogeneracja offered the most favourable terms of sale of shares from the perspective of the City of Kalisz, both in terms of the price and the investment package offered. ENERGA is a large company, experienced in the electricity and district heating industries. They are a remarkable investor that would guarantee the upgrading and development of the district heating system for the city and its inhabitants, and thus a high quality of services”, emphasises Janusz Pęcherz, the Mayor of Kalisz.

The purchase of shares in Ciepło Kaliskie will allow to start the preparations for the next stage, encompassing the possibility to build new cogeneration units in Elektrociepłownia Kalisz CHP, which is also owned by ENERGA Group. Additionally, the investment plans include the modernisation of Ciepło Kaliskie within the framework of the project “Redevelopment of the urban district heating system to save energy and protect the air in Kalisz”.

The planned investments are in line with the development strategy for the cogeneration (CHP) segment of ENERGA Group, with ENERGA Kogeneracja as the leader.

“The purchase of shares will enable the sustainable development of the district heating system in Kalisz in the long term. The construction of a new source, which is now being contemplated, is one of the elements of the plan which should ultimately contribute to the optimisation of electricity and heat production for the citizens of Kalisz. The sustainable development of the district heating system additionally takes into consideration the use of local resources, both from Elektrociepłownia Kalisz and PEC Kalisz”, says Marek Dec, CEO of ENERGA Kogeneracja.

The CHP segment of ENERGA Group comprises five companies which cogenerate electricity and heat on the local markets in Elbląg and Kalisz and are engaged in heat transmission, distribution and trading in Ostrołęka, Kalisz and Żychlino. The total capacity of the segment exceeds 530 MWt and 57 MWe. The total length of the system is more than 182 km.


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