Announcement of the Management Board of ENERGA SA on the payment of a dividend 08.05.2013

Date: 08.05.2013

The Management Board of ENERGA SA with its seat in Gdańsk kindly informs that:


1) the General Shareholders' Meeting of ENERGA SA passed Resolution No. 3 on the matter of the distribution of net profit for 2012, setting aside a sum of PLN 496 880 536.80 for a shareholder dividend, i.e. PLN 0.10 per share,

2)  shareholders registered in the Shareholders' Register on the day of the aforementioned resolution's passing, i.e. 23 April 2013 (dividend day) are entitled to receive the dividend

3)  payment of the dividend will commence on  3 June 2013

 Payment of the dividend for:

1) shareholders who are corporate entities and non-corporate entities – is performed via the intermediation of the Company,

2)  remaining shareholders (excluding domestic corporate entities and domestic non-corporate entities) – takes place via the sole intermediation of Centralny Dom Maklerski Pekao SA (CDM Pekao SA) in cash at appointed Client Service Offices or by bank transfer to the shareholder's account upon submission of the appropriate order.

To exercise the aforementioned right, please present yourself along with a document confirming your identity to any CSO in the country from:

  • the day of this announcement's publication, and submit an order for the payment of the dividend by bank transfer to the bank account of the entitled shareholder,
  • 3 June 2013, and submit an order for payment of the dividend in cash at the CSO.

A list of CSOs is available at

Shareholders not domiciled in Poland may submit an order for the payment of the dividend at any CSO in the country, or send it via registered letter (in such cases the signature on the order must be authenticated by a Polish diplomatic mission or consular office) to:

Centralny Dom Maklerski Pekao SA

ul. Wołoska 18,

02-675 Warszawa

Shareholders who submitted an order for the payment of the dividend from profit for 2011 by bank transfer do not need to submit another order. The dividend from profit for 2012 will be transferred to the shareholder's bank account. Shareholders whose account numbers have changed are required to update this information at the earliest possible moment at any chosen CSO. Failure to do so will result in the dividend payment being sent to the shareholder's bank account number as listed in the database of those entitled to receive a dividend from shares in ENERGY SA as maintained by CDM Pekao SA.

Submission of an order to pay the dividend by bank transfer to the account of the entitled shareholder by 29 May 2013 will result in the payment of the dividend on 3 June 2013.

It will be possible to submit an order for payment of the dividend at any CSO in the country until 3 June 2016.

Entitled shareholders are required to act in person or via a properly appointed attorney. Power of attorney may be issued in writing and bearing the notarially attested signature of the shareholder or signature attested by an employee of CDM Pekao SA, or in the form of a notarial deed. Power of attorney issued outside of the Republic of Poland must be authenticated by a Polish diplomatic mission or consular office, unless the provisions of statute or of an international treaty to which the Republic of Poland is a party hold otherwise. The content of the power of attorney must be translated by a sworn translator into Polish. 


Payment of a dividend on behalf of an underage shareholder may be performed by a parent acting in the role of legal guardian, or as in the case of a shareholder deprived of legal capacity – guardian or custodian, upon presentation of the appropriate decision of a court. Inheritors of an entitled shareholder should, during collection of the dividend, present such documents as the death certificate of the entitled shareholder, a final decision of a court on ascertainment of the acquisition of an inheritance or a registered deed of succession composed by a notary. 


The shareholder's dividend will be subjected to the deduction of a lump sum income tax in the amount of 19%, or of another amount insofar as such is foreseen for foreign persons in treaties for the avoidance of dual taxation, on condition of serving by 29 May 2013 to ENERGA SA, al. Grunwaldzka 472, 80-309 Gdańsk (Director of the Management Board Office) a current certificate of residence along with translation performed by a sworn translator. 


In addition, we wish to inform that shareholders being physical persons do not include dividend income in their annual income statements, nor the sum of tax collected. 


Details can be obtained:

1)    at any CSO in the country, 

2)    by telephone from CDM Pekao SA: 

  • 801 140 490 – for domestic calls from stationary telephones, 
  • +48 (22) 591 24 90 – for calls from abroad and from mobile phones, 

3)     at ENERGA SA – telephone: 058 77 88 459. 

The Management Board of ENERGA SA


Dividend payment order for legal persons (download pdf file)

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