Energa to implement an innovative hydrogen project

The Energa Group's Faraday Research and Development Centre, together with scientists, will implement a research project involving a two-way hydrogen production installation. The installation may be a key element of energy storage systems, contributing to the performance of renewable energy sources, and enhancing the flexibility of power plant operation.
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Testing of a new Energa’s wind farm has just begun

Commissioning of the Przykona Wind Farm owned by Energa has commenced in accordance with the agreed schedule. In the upcoming weeks, all nine wind turbines will be subject to testing. Completion of the construction and acquisition of utilization permit are planned for the second quarter of 2020.
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Energa sets up innovative high-voltage pylons

Energa Operator Branch in Płock is about to finish the construction of an overhead and underground 110 kV power transmission network located in Łęczyca and Daszyna communes in Łódzkie Voivodeship. New pylon designs developed by Energa Invest under the Pylon project were used during construction work.
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